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# Witch Trainer: Silver

This repository contains all of the game's source code. If you are searching for the most recent stable build, please visit our website's download page instead.

The development takes place on the dev branch, and occasionally on feature branches, main branch is reserved for game releases.


Johnny28, LoafyLemon, Boppin


MaiL, Mo, UE CatBug, Lineup, Soggy, Asease1, Linear, Lupin, Techy, Dr. Noodle, MadMerlin, DostojevskijSTG, STG Artguy, Crew, Ven, perniciousducks, Cleanzo, Darwin7, Pinguino, Sandmaster, Amadan, Heretic, Maverick, Anon, MedicBear, TropeCode, Booom313, CaptainNemo, and anonymous.


  • Renpy 7.5+
  • Python 2.7






Where can I support Witch Trainer: Silver?

You can support us on patreon.

I have found a bug, how do I report it?

Please make a report on the discord.

Can I receive access to the issue tracker?

Yes, upon review we may grant you access to the repository. Contact us on discord for details.

Can I make a pull request?

Bug fixes and enhancements are welcome, but content submissions must be thoroughly evaluated before they are accepted.

Why is the registration closed?

Our server resources are limited, we need to conserve them. We may re-open registration in the future.