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LoafyLemon 5a6f9887d5 Save compatibility 5 months ago
LoafyLemon 2d7a84bf00 Bug fixes
* Fixed Genie flashing his goods in stats menu
* Fixed lipstick causing a crash in saved outfits due to missing zlayers
* Fixed debug print spam
* Version bump
5 months ago
LoafyLemon 90e57fd6af Hotfix
* Fixed a crash caused by zlayers
6 months ago
LoafyLemon bdd654a806 Version bump 6 months ago
LoafyLemon 8994c77109 Zlayers
* Implemented zorder control for specific clothing layers
* Fixed Tonks' breasts missing shading.
6 months ago
Johnny28 e4c3c3e51d Outfit
* Added Tonks Santa outfit.
* Added outfit unlock and Tonks to xmas Mirror story.
6 months ago
LoafyLemon c7be1497f9 Revert "Virgin Killer outfit" 6 months ago
Johnny28 08c347a321 fix 6 months ago
LoafyLemon 860212b5e1 Xmas Story
* Added new Genie Stripper Santa Outfit.
* Added experimental Genie Outfit cheat.
* Refactored santa speaker to utilize a single `gen` speaker and applied the change to all affected events.
* Improved base Genie model, the default robes outfit and image creation code.
6 months ago
LoafyLemon b38147852a Bug fix
* Fixed naughty list username retrieval failing on Windows
6 months ago
LoafyLemon 2956afe75a Bug Fixes
* Fixed decoration menu page swap arrow position
* Fixed room and title screen animations restarting with every interaction
6 months ago
LoafyLemon 367fabc739 Decorations
* Added naughty list decor
* Added window decor
* Added garland decor
* Improved poster enlarging
6 months ago
Johnny28 b26dbb4f06 Outfits
* Added remaining outfit pieces
6 months ago
Johnny28 3281387711 Outfits
* Added remaining outfit pieces
6 months ago
Johnny28 f10e6608ce Virgin Killer outfit
* Added Cho Virgin killer outfit.
6 months ago
Johnny28 b29701f39c Mirror story posing + outfits
* Posed Xmas Mirror story dialogue

* Added Cho Reindeer Outfit.
* Added Luna Reindeer Outfit.

* Partially added Luna Bunny-girl outfit.
* Partially added Cho Bunny-girl outfit.
* Partially added Hermione Bunny-girl outfit.
* Partially added Hermione Reindeer Outfit.
6 months ago
Johnny28 f58d18b2ac Xmas Story - Posing - Part 1 6 months ago
LoafyLemon e169296009 Xmas Story 6 months ago
Johnny28 f8d7a6915c Fix
* Fixed sound not playing.
8 months ago
Johnny 16bff74037 Proofreading 8 months ago
Johnny 0dada1d367 Fixes and improvements
Mirror of Erised:
* Set doll positioning at start of mirror stories to ensure dolls are correct.
* Adjusted Doll flip on "A booty at sea" story.
* Removed Doll Cum layers on "A booty at sea" story as genie cums inside/on her back.
* Improved "A bad time to disrobe" writing.

* "Flash your tits", Minor writing fix
8 months ago
Johnny d1c37b11eb Minor fixes.
* Text consistency.
* Art tweaks on Hermione squirting base pose.
8 months ago
LoafyLemon 54d12585c1 Bug fixes
* Fixed code logic for Hermione's gift items
8 months ago
LoafyLemon a8d7c731bd Version bump
* Updated configuration
* Updated whitespace
8 months ago
Johnny 34f5d96e3b Small logic fix
* Adjusted writing (dev)
8 months ago
LoafyLemon 5e76ca2cb2 Bugfixes
* Fixed leaking menu option (dev)
* Proofreading (dev)
8 months ago
Johnny 215bb24f9b Hermione Masturbate favour Squirting
* Added squirting to Hermione masturbate favour.
* Added "squirt_transition" image variants (mix of "squirt" and "squirt_post" for when she cums multiple times).
* Removed unnecessary code that's already part of end label.
* Removed "set music volume" for one of the events.
8 months ago
Johnny 4cfd4d2511 Added Squirt layers to Nude Hermione Base pose 8 months ago
Johnny 257e932617 Bugfix
* Fixed wrong expressing being used on genie speaker.
8 months ago
Johnny 1c4e01b3da Bug fixes
* Fixed return events not initiating on Buttplug gift item event.
* Fixed soundfile naming issue.
8 months ago
Johnny be85fbbda2 Vibrator Event - Additional Menu option
* Added option to send Hermione away if Public path isn't available.
8 months ago
Johnny 94b86e0b55 Cleaned Hermione up
* Removed Cum layer as Hermione changes clothing.
8 months ago
LoafyLemon def7eeb07e Bugfix
* Fixed Tonks' nicknames soft-crashing to main menu
8 months ago
LoafyLemon 896c73f7d8 Update credits 8 months ago
Johnny b55fceda83 Vibrator Event
* Fixed small inconsistency in intro on replay success writing if she's hasn't worn them before.
8 months ago
LoafyLemon b2fc769e69 Save Compatibility
* Added a workaround for call stack issues on old saves
* Rebuilt whitespace
* Removed redundant load_fix functions
8 months ago
LoafyLemon 10e99cbc05 Bug fixes and additions
* Added rummage sound
* Added noshake parameter to personal CG
* Remastered vibrator sounds to avoid clipping
* Improved dialogue pacing
* Improved chibis positioning
* Fixed weather sounds playing over public CG
* Fixed shaking CG displayable
* Fixed logic issues
8 months ago
Johnny 1e63a1651c vibrator Event
* Muted weather sounds during public CG
8 months ago
Johnny 634d4cb0b9 Minor writing tweaks 8 months ago
LoafyLemon 2032a820a1 Proofreading 8 months ago
LoafyLemon dfee38a6d5 Hotfix
* Removed fly sounds
8 months ago
Johnny 63a699e74a Vibrator public Ambient sounds
* Added ambient outside sounds.
8 months ago
LoafyLemon c1cca84fdd Add new audio channel 8 months ago
LoafyLemon 4e2ad91cf2 Vibrator Event
* Added vibrator animation to public path
* Fixed vibrator animation
* Added choice menu logic
8 months ago
LoafyLemon cc259564bb Bugfix
* Avoid catching nodes during init phase and remove debug vars
8 months ago
Johnny b35c2cd26f images 8 months ago
Johnny fe050afcda Vibrator event posing
* Finished posing Vibrator event.
* Added Minor wetness layer on personal CG.
* Improved image transitions on split up dialogue lines.
8 months ago
LoafyLemon a6ff9ed876 Bugfix
* Attempts to fix Expression Editor crash caused by pickling the unpickleable
8 months ago
Johnny caa2e5153e fix
* Hid image for mafkin chat until underlying code supports it.
8 months ago
LoafyLemon 3689ab53b9 Hotfix + drawing 8 months ago