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LoafyLemon 8b127a25b4 Merge branch 'refs/heads/dev' 2024-04-08 15:53:40 +01:00
LoafyLemon e295fbb791 PixelateMask Shader 2024-04-08 15:48:23 +01:00
LoafyLemon 5c4ce667a5 Replace unneccesary eval 2024-04-03 12:38:48 +01:00
LoafyLemon 0dc071261b Unlock Luna's favours in developer skip 2024-04-02 16:31:14 +01:00
LoafyLemon 61da56b6c8 Partially revert #7ca17b7 (Breaks dev debug) 2024-04-02 16:21:13 +01:00
LoafyLemon 9aff807593 Bug fixes
* Fixed inconsistent spacing
* Fixed inconsistent state var access
2024-04-02 16:18:18 +01:00
LoafyLemon 908beae5d3 Maintain access convention within save compat 2024-04-02 14:19:59 +01:00
Gouvernathor d8751d73b9 Remove nonsense calls of getattr
(cherry picked from commit 7ca17b7ba7)
2024-04-02 13:53:55 +01:00
Gouvernathor 224194754f Avoid using unnecessary screens 2024-04-02 13:44:04 +01:00
Gouvernathor e3c5fb609d Avoid python statement
(cherry picked from commit 22348f0901)
2024-04-02 13:41:44 +01:00
Gouvernathor e04fd221dd Flag unreachable code
(cherry picked from commit 25820e002a)
2024-04-02 13:37:20 +01:00
Gouvernathor ef97c273db Linting dynamic
(cherry picked from commit 60244e258a)
2024-04-02 13:36:59 +01:00
LoafyLemon 2566ef665f Version bump 2024-03-31 21:20:39 +01:00
LoafyLemon 86f95fcfe4 Save compatibility bug fix
* Fix broken save state
2024-03-31 21:19:28 +01:00
LoafyLemon ffdb2ef6dc Update README 2024-03-31 21:19:00 +01:00
Johnny28 e50292c1e6 Minor fixes 2024-03-30 21:39:37 +01:00
LoafyLemon f06d33cd8d Bug fix, save compatibility
* Fixed zorder issue with Tonks' office outfit accessory
2024-03-30 20:11:56 +00:00
LoafyLemon b54a65a7ee Bug fix
* Fixed imported outfits not appearing in the list, until the category of the wardrobe is changed.
2024-03-30 19:47:54 +00:00
LoafyLemon e93aa18285 Bug fixes
* Fixed mixed paths in outfit import feature
* Fixed paths in outfit import feature
* Fixed missing imports
2024-03-30 19:20:46 +00:00
Gouvernathor 7164a782e7 Remove unused imports
(cherry picked from commit ec3483ae26)
2024-03-30 18:21:15 +00:00
Gouvernathor 7e4d4a6799 Fix
(cherry picked from commit 218d8c63d2)
2024-03-30 18:14:24 +00:00
Gouvernathor cd6de9aa8c Remove the last setattr on the store
benign in this case since the variable is builtin, but consistency and good practices

(cherry picked from commit 1d1d18ad1c)
2024-03-30 18:14:08 +00:00
Gouvernathor 1bd428a0d8 Avoid mutable objects in signature
(cherry picked from commit 31ebf9356a)
2024-03-30 18:13:10 +00:00
Gouvernathor 62cb39cd19 Default queues instead of using instanciation magic
(cherry picked from commit f7f0ecb566)
2024-03-30 18:13:03 +00:00
Gouvernathor fb7fc5300e hotfix
(cherry picked from commit 750d8dff4d)
2024-03-30 18:11:03 +00:00
Gouvernathor c5c04ff79e Convert existing cds using the new system
(cherry picked from commit 4770be5f1b)
2024-03-30 18:04:49 +00:00
Gouvernathor 6408942054 Exception type
(cherry picked from commit a048b0e3cc)
2024-03-30 18:02:15 +00:00
Gouvernathor ea59c387d2 Turn unnecessary class into namespace
(cherry picked from commit 34165c7b2b)
2024-03-30 18:02:08 +00:00
Gouvernathor 630ede144c Add dynamic statement
(cherry picked from commit e98680d123)
2024-03-30 18:01:56 +00:00
Gouvernathor b489b59545 Add decorator
(cherry picked from commit 8e80555393)
2024-03-30 18:00:08 +00:00
Gouvernathor 04a07328fe Cleanup
(cherry picked from commit 17ebf50170)
2024-03-30 17:59:58 +00:00
Gouvernathor 707e14e0cf fix
(cherry picked from commit 375b77b2ab)
2024-03-30 17:58:36 +00:00
Gouvernathor 7f71d15e70 Speedup dict accesses
nested dicts are حَرَام but due punishment will come at a later time

(cherry picked from commit ffc47109ed)
2024-03-30 17:58:30 +00:00
Gouvernathor af2142393f Remove another throwaway variable
(cherry picked from commit f39cebc06f)
2024-03-30 17:57:51 +00:00
Gouvernathor faba726a3d Avoid code duplication and using throwaway variables
(cherry picked from commit 66f8f5ab28)
2024-03-30 17:57:41 +00:00
Gouvernathor 36582d0f9c Final f-string batch
some uses of str.format remain, but converting them would be more trouble than it's worth

(cherry picked from commit f17cffa3ec)
2024-03-30 17:57:17 +00:00
Gouvernathor 068629d34d Warn about using reset_variables
(cherry picked from commit 04f76d2b54)
2024-03-30 17:55:40 +00:00
Gouvernathor a7a9fe2d9e A bunch more f-strings
I'm not done

(cherry picked from commit be88d0ed7e)
2024-03-30 17:55:26 +00:00
Gouvernathor d9f9454a03 Translation doesn't work like that
(cherry picked from commit 5fa2a0ff19)
2024-03-30 17:53:18 +00:00
Gouvernathor b62fbcb179 More f-strings
(cherry picked from commit 15b6025d39)
2024-03-30 17:53:07 +00:00
Gouvernathor 5659c4e4f4 Fix kwarg calls
(cherry picked from commit 489f43cd0b)
2024-03-30 17:52:59 +00:00
Gouvernathor cc6e76d154 Generalized use of f-strings
(cherry picked from commit fa0acdbfff)
2024-03-30 17:52:43 +00:00
Gouvernathor f673985bc3 Avoid shadowing the builtin
(cherry picked from commit e4d64839b8)
2024-03-30 17:52:17 +00:00
Gouvernathor 9182e5b750 Unnecessary formatting
(cherry picked from commit c816674c7c)
2024-03-30 17:51:34 +00:00
Gouvernathor 3ebb5c53f4 Factorize check
(cherry picked from commit 40be2ccf18)
2024-03-30 17:51:17 +00:00
LoafyLemon 1cc3374330 Update build info 2024-03-29 18:08:55 +00:00
LoafyLemon 1a8b0908d1 Update whitespace 2024-03-29 16:55:57 +00:00
Johnny28 aaa5ff6beb Fixed issues reported by lint 2024-03-29 15:22:18 +01:00
LoafyLemon 5efd315847 Bug fixes, Save Compatibility, Secularisation 2024-03-28 15:48:19 +00:00
Johnny28 1d6cc4fb47 Luna Talk to me CG posing
* Posed the remainder of the event.
2024-03-28 15:59:36 +01:00
Johnny28 c6d00ae49d fix 2024-03-27 20:11:14 +01:00
Johnny28 699db8d14f Luna Doll cum layers
* Added "light" face cum layers.
2024-03-27 20:10:54 +01:00
LoafyLemon dcb2f30348 Bugfix
* Fixed another layering issue
2024-03-27 16:28:35 +00:00
LoafyLemon fffdc788a2 Bug fix
* Fixed breast layer order for 'Talk To Me' CG.
2024-03-27 16:20:57 +00:00
LoafyLemon a91e0efe72 Wetness layers
* Added wetness layers for 'Talk To Me' CG.
2024-03-27 16:12:09 +00:00
LoafyLemon 6176e0cdda Cum layers
* Added cum layers for 'Talk To Me' CG.
2024-03-27 15:47:35 +00:00
Johnny28 ee23310ae0 Refactoring
* Removed old Luna chibi animations.
* Minor text edits.
2024-03-27 16:04:38 +01:00
LoafyLemon c56404b169 Refactoring
* Removed no longer required chibi edits.
2024-03-27 14:49:16 +00:00
LoafyLemon 6d6f58538e Bug fixes
* Fixed presplash loading bar
* Disabled sparkle in title animation
2024-03-26 19:34:11 +00:00
LoafyLemon d25cd0fc2a New logo and bug fix
* Added new logo
* Fixed credits scroll animation
2024-03-26 19:20:38 +00:00
LoafyLemon a89f7b8161 Update Credits 2024-03-25 15:22:06 +00:00
LoafyLemon 38d2494bc3 Fix conflicting properties (by Gouvernathor)
big work
what was reliable before is now not, in recent versions of renpy, which is why we added that new config (which I put in say.rpy, but it can be moved somewhere else)
Also fixes the game_menu's title position, incidentally

some changes are incompatible with my diary and achievement branches, respectively, they will need to be merged with a bit of manual care
2024-03-25 14:57:36 +00:00
LoafyLemon b62b7bcc3a Achievements System Tweaks for Ren'py 8.2.X 2024-03-25 14:39:35 +00:00
Gouvernathor 019ca9e9a9 Allow several achievements to be displayed at the same time
like in steam
the change to popup_animation is not thoroughly tested

(cherry picked from commit f714e482f6)
2024-03-24 18:36:33 +00:00
Gouvernathor f0c9aaa153 Rebase the achievements system on the builtin feature
a lot of work, but entirely backwards-compatible !
no visible change (no intended ones at least) except maybe performance
2024-03-24 18:36:29 +00:00
LoafyLemon 7071d30b82 Merge branch 'dev' of ssh:// into dev 2024-03-24 18:25:59 +00:00
Johnny28 fbbb7f5665 Luna Talk to me CG Posing PT 1
* Posed part of the event.
* Adjusted layer order.
2024-03-24 19:24:51 +01:00
LoafyLemon 0597621c54 Random Object Refactoring and a bug fix (by
2024-03-24 18:18:34 +00:00
Gouvernathor 9a088d22e1 Fix 9ee1de9
(cherry picked from commit 5252c7eae2)
2024-03-24 18:08:53 +00:00
Gouvernathor ef17df3698 Make the wardrobe variables dynamic
(cherry picked from commit 9ee1de9fd0)
2024-03-24 18:08:26 +00:00
Gouvernathor ad2e009665 Change the spinner box character
(cherry picked from commit 902cf9b4d9)
2024-03-24 18:03:24 +00:00
Gouvernathor f871b036dd Improve threading when predicting the wardrobe
don't use single-underscore names
if available, use the thread-safer invoke_in_main_thread (not required when setting the global variables)
set __lock to True outside of the thread, otherwise if the thread starts late, the while loop is skipped
call get_character_object in the main thread

(cherry picked from commit 7a25a13926)
2024-03-24 18:02:19 +00:00
Gouvernathor 9d8444241b Optimize choice screen constants and variables
(cherry picked from commit c77f2ca46e)
2024-03-24 17:58:37 +00:00
LoafyLemon 606c9c55e0 Merge fix 2024-03-24 17:57:18 +00:00
LoafyLemon d4726d3be2 Fix and improve big_bang (by

the "on show" wasn't working for some reason and wasn't necessary anyway
easeout was probaly mixed up with easein, in any case easein renders much better
using easein_cubic for a sharper explosion
2024-03-24 17:56:01 +00:00
LoafyLemon 26b1e7f051 Fix weather storm and create the weather image tag (by
2024-03-24 17:54:06 +00:00
LoafyLemon 2ef20d57da Clarify and simplify weather (by

remove two blank images (useless and slower than Null())
clarify in weather.rpy which are images directly shown on the screen and not just ingredients for the others
simplify the screen code
2024-03-24 17:53:07 +00:00
Gouvernathor 47da88a59e Merge fix 2024-03-24 17:43:00 +00:00
Gouvernathor 51e2f49606 Avoid using an actual image reference instead of direct null
(cherry picked from commit f8251f921b)
2024-03-24 17:42:32 +00:00
Gouvernathor 30747a50b0 Don't use mutables in signatures
(cherry picked from commit a88706142f)
2024-03-24 17:42:22 +00:00
Gouvernathor 726406e11b Simplify menu position
(cherry picked from commit 9479859edd)
2024-03-24 17:40:49 +00:00
Gouvernathor c3c0969be8 Sort inplace and skip unused variable
(cherry picked from commit e84d5cbdf0)
2024-03-24 17:40:40 +00:00
Gouvernathor d38d442688 Fix variable name and move defaults
(cherry picked from commit f6c0054be0)
2024-03-24 17:40:26 +00:00
Gouvernathor c5fb9a630c Merge labels into menus
(cherry picked from commit a29b7ec28b)
2024-03-24 17:39:16 +00:00
Gouvernathor 0d8c4df1fd Remove mutable in signature and pop todo
(cherry picked from commit 15b15b9085)
2024-03-24 17:38:39 +00:00
Gouvernathor 1e96385c47 Remove dependency
(cherry picked from commit 3fef941366)
2024-03-24 17:35:59 +00:00
Gouvernathor a516e76f9b Better pass kwargs
this is not py2 anymore

(cherry picked from commit 6b2766e668)
2024-03-24 17:34:17 +00:00
Gouvernathor 21c170e256 Don't use protected variable name
(cherry picked from commit 2f2a9b985b)
2024-03-24 17:33:33 +00:00
Gouvernathor 93526daa17 Use scene statement instead of equivalent
(cherry picked from commit d132436843)
2024-03-24 17:33:03 +00:00
Gouvernathor 7beb1e4c1d Simplify and quicken summon list iteration
(cherry picked from commit 110847e9e6)
2024-03-24 17:32:07 +00:00
Gouvernathor d1345a051d Make variables dynamic
or constant, in one case

(cherry picked from commit 1918def870)
2024-03-24 17:31:21 +00:00
Gouvernathor db26683c25 Internal tweaks
(cherry picked from commit d34a96284c)
2024-03-24 17:31:05 +00:00
Gouvernathor 03d1c9a2c4 Improve and fix last
(cherry picked from commit acfb09516c)
2024-03-24 17:29:54 +00:00
Gouvernathor 9665d565d8 Replace show screen with call screen
(cherry picked from commit 1672b2381a)
2024-03-24 17:29:12 +00:00
Gouvernathor f2d2c045af Factorize pos
(cherry picked from commit e242c0e43a)
2024-03-24 17:28:39 +00:00
Gouvernathor f99c81b14a Factorize pos
(cherry picked from commit d7c8e39b08)
2024-03-24 17:28:29 +00:00
Gouvernathor 7e3a078dce Avoid single-use function
(cherry picked from commit 313849696c)
2024-03-24 17:27:50 +00:00
Gouvernathor 3579e2a38b Add safe return
otherwise the implicit return is at the end of the file, which means if we add another label down the file, it will be executed after give_gift

(cherry picked from commit 38787bdc4c)
2024-03-24 17:27:12 +00:00
Gouvernathor f78c269fc8 Add data privacy when computing house points
the dynamic variables are needed for the show screen call

(cherry picked from commit aefa88e4d2)
2024-03-24 17:26:57 +00:00
Gouvernathor 20c00bbc74 merge fix 2024-03-24 17:26:42 +00:00
Gouvernathor 19d81fa9b8 Bug Fixes 2024-03-24 17:17:19 +00:00
Gouvernathor 26ecf0e6f0 Use a grid for the inventory
(cherry picked from commit c1ab7f7b85)
2024-03-24 17:06:17 +00:00
Gouvernathor 6860614062 Use the correct operator(s) for None
(cherry picked from commit 837d6b378e)
2024-03-24 17:06:06 +00:00
Gouvernathor d17b04e93d Better text interpolation in screens
(cherry picked from commit 14607f2eb1)
2024-03-24 17:04:58 +00:00
Gouvernathor d063d7fc5f Simplify crop_image_zoom calls
(cherry picked from commit def10a09ac)
2024-03-24 17:04:05 +00:00
Gouvernathor a5b47a41e7 Remove get_zoom and use builtin fit feature
using renpy.render, wtf

(cherry picked from commit 3278b1f4af)
2024-03-24 17:01:46 +00:00
Gouvernathor dbfb22b566 Fix 070d14a
(cherry picked from commit ed2a817c84)
2024-03-24 17:01:18 +00:00
Gouvernathor 815c90109b Use inplace sort and generator expressions
(cherry picked from commit 87ce17df8b)
2024-03-24 17:01:11 +00:00
Gouvernathor 675839d28e Re-enable some menu yaligns and reimplement menu sets
these menu yaligns had been disabled for a long time (the menu_y variable was never read)

(cherry picked from commit eae844ef0b)
2024-03-24 17:01:04 +00:00
Gouvernathor 84f3473bf0 Remove unused xalign
(cherry picked from commit 070d14a685)
2024-03-24 17:00:54 +00:00
Gouvernathor d1aaeb157e Separate xalign and yalign
(cherry picked from commit a36c0ba222)
2024-03-24 17:00:44 +00:00
Gouvernathor fa3e1e4450 Refactor states.menu_pos and remove reset_menu_position
(cherry picked from commit fbe8035c43)
2024-03-24 17:00:35 +00:00
Gouvernathor d01f9ec1f1 Use statement instead of equivalent
(cherry picked from commit c3f753a460)
2024-03-24 16:59:19 +00:00
Gouvernathor 91019374f5 Avoid circular reference
(cherry picked from commit db30cd66d3)
2024-03-24 16:59:11 +00:00
Gouvernathor ba9865ab70 Make the rotate animation subpixel
(cherry picked from commit 4b8371e292)
2024-03-24 16:58:19 +00:00
Gouvernathor a893892ecf Fix and simplify the map
in addition to benigh simplification, this actually fixes a bug : setting pos and align in the same line is a bug, it's always been unspecified, you should have been setting *anchor* instead. xycenter does that now.

(cherry picked from commit 48c4c4ecad)
2024-03-24 16:57:40 +00:00
Gouvernathor 2255d028e1 Remove unnecessary screen variable
(cherry picked from commit b222860bec)
2024-03-24 16:57:03 +00:00
Gouvernathor fd50b5d05a Save calling update_character_map_locations several times
(cherry picked from commit c64635aace)
2024-03-24 16:56:51 +00:00
Gouvernathor 38fa26e5bf replace equivalent with statement
(cherry picked from commit ef62f74eed)
2024-03-24 16:56:35 +00:00
Gouvernathor 066f007e63 Reform random map locations
the locations of the different characters aren't independant, but they weren't in the first place

(cherry picked from commit 9a3fe1df65)
2024-03-24 16:51:27 +00:00
Gouvernathor fb69dfa676 Use statements instead of equivalents
(cherry picked from commit 77e40301c9)
2024-03-24 16:50:52 +00:00
Gouvernathor ff49d9fa95 Avoid circular reference
it clogs pickling and garbage-collecting

(cherry picked from commit 42f690f966)
2024-03-24 16:49:22 +00:00
Gouvernathor fe5a7402a9 No it doesn't
(cherry picked from commit 884c264f04)
2024-03-24 16:48:49 +00:00
Gouvernathor b34dc20901 Better text in screens
(cherry picked from commit 23a264c8f4)
2024-03-24 16:48:21 +00:00
Gouvernathor 9ea4431f0e Auto-cleanup public variables
I chose not to add them directly in the screen, to keep it readable
but even though they're still global variables, now they are dynamic and cleaned as soon as we exit the menu

(cherry picked from commit 32cf1de3a0)
2024-03-24 16:39:50 +00:00
Gouvernathor be9f071660 Clean most stats variables from the global store
(cherry picked from commit c493a4b9aa)
2024-03-24 16:37:10 +00:00
Gouvernathor 202807e320 Fix genie reform
(cherry picked from commit 1618fc378f)
2024-03-24 16:36:29 +00:00
Gouvernathor 0a6b5e41df Use define for constants
(cherry picked from commit bbc1df1ea6)
2024-03-24 16:36:03 +00:00
Gouvernathor c908f2e90b Further clean junk variable
(cherry picked from commit ca64492beb)
2024-03-24 16:35:37 +00:00
Gouvernathor 3a77f89fab Add style, clean junk variables
(cherry picked from commit 3d62c8b818)
2024-03-24 16:35:23 +00:00
Gouvernathor 993b5c845a Simplify function
(cherry picked from commit bb2edc9a7b)
2024-03-24 16:35:13 +00:00
Gouvernathor 0e9dae05bd Use repr instead of manually added single quotes
(cherry picked from commit 2ccece1a3d)
2024-03-24 16:34:56 +00:00
Gouvernathor 4248f7f6d0 Improve ATL syntax
use the dedicated xycenter property
avoid setting the previous end-interpolation values before starting the new one, to avoid a jump if the player advances too quickly (also shortens the code)
add subpixel True, even though it doesn't seem very effective
prepare improvement in next renpy version

(cherry picked from commit 8b6627f588)
2024-03-24 16:31:08 +00:00
Gouvernathor 00da7e8855 Simplify generic CG code
(cherry picked from commit 40ddb29185)
2024-03-24 16:30:26 +00:00
Gouvernathor d7ba36baa8 Better animation
(cherry picked from commit aa95f701dc)
2024-03-24 16:30:03 +00:00
Gouvernathor 2a54c483e8 Simplify some code
(cherry picked from commit 641893217e)
2024-03-24 16:29:45 +00:00
Gouvernathor 4ee49a225b Reform genie layeredimage
(cherry picked from commit 3a429070fc)
2024-03-24 16:27:26 +00:00
Gouvernathor 603990cf13 Repr instead of adding quotes
(cherry picked from commit 15e3e240fc)
2024-03-24 16:26:07 +00:00
Gouvernathor 97f0cef931 Simplify hide/show expression
(cherry picked from commit 9c274bee6f)
2024-03-24 16:25:50 +00:00
Gouvernathor 40caec9428 Fix test call
it raised an exception in my case, and I'm fairly sure this is how it's supposed to work
also adds a complimentary hidden reset at the end

(cherry picked from commit eeb68cb6c6)
2024-03-24 16:25:06 +00:00
Gouvernathor 60479ad32d Avoid using reset_variables
(cherry picked from commit 2e17dd2582)
2024-03-24 16:23:38 +00:00
Gouvernathor 094b010b7a Avoid using lists
(cherry picked from commit 78230893a8)
2024-03-24 16:22:53 +00:00
Gouvernathor 94404f4ed7 Use childful transforms as displayable
that's not *explicitly* documented, but it won't change any time soon
also deletes a placeholder image

(cherry picked from commit 3b6dd38e19)
2024-03-24 16:21:28 +00:00
Gouvernathor 3b4db03a6c Upgrade other uses of image manipulators
(cherry picked from commit a9dc195379)
2024-03-24 16:20:23 +00:00
Gouvernathor 0e4fccfa26 Modernize use of matrixcolor
(cherry picked from commit 985a0a79ed)
2024-03-24 16:20:04 +00:00
Gouvernathor fe0193cfc2 Hasten ConditionSwitch-es
(cherry picked from commit 9d52bd9c92)
2024-03-24 16:19:37 +00:00
Gouvernathor 0c564a521b Use expression instead of image
the only documented lingua
this is AST-equivalent

(cherry picked from commit 542db72609)
2024-03-24 16:19:01 +00:00
Gouvernathor 11047626e1 Factorize jumps in the elif
(cherry picked from commit 6dc1a04810)
2024-03-24 16:17:29 +00:00
Gouvernathor 67e589f47f Hasten elif chain
avoid reevaluating the choice equality

(cherry picked from commit 9b419fcbc3)
2024-03-24 16:17:14 +00:00
Gouvernathor 482969eaae Use renpy statement instead of python equivalent
(cherry picked from commit 976455bfc9)
2024-03-24 16:16:11 +00:00
Gouvernathor 5197b6a7a6 Use dynamic variable and condense menu-label syntax
The label is jumped to and not called, but the variable will still clean itself up eventually

(cherry picked from commit 4c52d1638f)
2024-03-24 16:16:01 +00:00
Gouvernathor f941b77409 Convert ball_hint to a screen variable
no leak

(cherry picked from commit 4ec94d28f5)
2024-03-24 16:14:45 +00:00
Gouvernathor 415c90d11c Use the call screen statement in this case
this particular syntax is very precisely documented in the screens page

(cherry picked from commit f51f3a30a1)
2024-03-24 16:13:58 +00:00
Gouvernathor d3a2929b6c Better None syntax
(cherry picked from commit 8d4216a476)
2024-03-24 16:13:32 +00:00
Gouvernathor 2110eeb92a Simpler inline conditional
(cherry picked from commit da636e93ab)
2024-03-24 16:12:53 +00:00
Gouvernathor 5ef4d4f2db Avoid extraneous bool call
(cherry picked from commit 6a4b56a182)
2024-03-24 16:12:42 +00:00
Gouvernathor f1a0c779f6 Sort in-place to save time
(cherry picked from commit 36d3a5d1a7)
2024-03-24 16:12:30 +00:00
Gouvernathor 780c028eb3 Use python hide instead of a single-use function
(cherry picked from commit a606fc9ca2)
2024-03-24 16:10:22 +00:00
Gouvernathor 12e2bbcfb6 Fix indent
(cherry picked from commit 925cf611c1)
2024-03-24 16:10:00 +00:00
LoafyLemon d9912ece6c Fix 15c998c 2024-03-24 16:09:16 +00:00
Gouvernathor d48708579b Fix misuse of variable
- don't use a reserved name (starting with an underscore)
- use a file-local mangled name (starting with two underscores
- use renpy.dynamx to cleanup the variable automatically

(cherry picked from commit 3e86094b0b)
2024-03-24 16:00:53 +00:00
Gouvernathor 47b5184e06 Repr instead of adding simple quotes manually
it's a tad slower but it's a better general practice and we're in an error handling branch anyway

(cherry picked from commit e80bd9e6e6)
2024-03-24 15:55:25 +00:00
Gouvernathor b60c87e9f8 Sirt in-place to save time
not the first time, so that we can still pass it iterators

(cherry picked from commit 21cb97b2e2)
2024-03-24 15:54:42 +00:00
Gouvernathor 36578fdd67 Simplify that call
(cherry picked from commit b21e179df0)
2024-03-24 15:53:40 +00:00
Gouvernathor 200760471f skip unnecessary lambda
(cherry picked from commit 94a6f9302b)
2024-03-24 15:53:19 +00:00
LoafyLemon 671c4a577f Save compatibility 2024-03-24 13:06:43 +00:00
LoafyLemon 7500ca3adf Saves Compatibility 2024-03-24 12:27:49 +00:00
LoafyLemon d650a09d31 Engine Update & Bug fixe
* Updated game engine to version 8.2.1
* Fixed incompatibility
2024-03-20 14:12:47 +00:00
LoafyLemon f437fc18fa Bugfix
* Fixed breast layering issue for Talk To Me CG
2024-03-20 13:00:30 +00:00
Johnny28 c697e69109 Added T4 Luna leveling, favour menu, EOC message
* Added Luna leveling on Tier 4 favours.
* Added EOC message.
* Added Luna T4 favours into favors.rpy
2024-03-18 22:27:35 +01:00
LoafyLemon cb4fd94def Initial posing 2024-03-18 18:12:20 +00:00
LoafyLemon 304221c601 Luna CG
* Implemented Luna's 'Talk to me' CG files.
2024-03-18 18:06:50 +00:00
Johnny28 f81822071b Card game "boss battle" one-liners improvements
* Proofread and improved the card game boss battle one-liners.
* Minor fix.
2024-03-18 12:44:40 +01:00
Johnny28 04e500f5a2 fix
* Minor fix
2024-03-06 17:00:15 +01:00
Johnny28 5fea3110ce Luna Talk to me posing
* Posed part of the event.
2024-03-06 12:45:20 +01:00
Johnny28 57a5c4b2fa Luna Talk to me - First implementation, vars, writing checks
* First implementation of Luna T4 "Talk to me" favour.
* Added writing checks and vars.
* Minor adjustments.
2024-03-04 17:39:09 +01:00
LoafyLemon 1949b3cc60 Bug fix
* Fixed waifu book ending 01 being unobtainable if Endings were unlocked in non-sequential order.
2024-02-22 10:16:54 +00:00
LoafyLemon ac9e121c76 Bug fix
* Fixed wrongly defined image format
2024-02-13 19:46:26 +00:00
Johnny28 8e90120960 Luna Inspect body CG posing PT4
* Posed part of the events.
2024-02-10 15:36:59 +01:00
LoafyLemon a3e2b2eaee New border, transform transition and a bug fix
* Added a new decorative frame for vertical CGs.
* Added a new transition/transform.
* Fixed CG say box fade not being hidden when it should be.
2024-02-08 18:05:43 +00:00
Johnny28 02dbe988f7 Luna Inspect body CG posing PT3
* Posed part of the events.
2024-02-07 16:55:09 +01:00
LoafyLemon f88f036ea2 Alternate styling
* Implemented alternate styling for the say window used during CG scenes
2024-02-05 20:02:43 +00:00
Johnny28 45ddbb7321 Luna Inspect body CG posing PT3
* Posed part of the events.
* Added/adjusted animations.
* Added "moist" fluids image.
2024-02-05 18:00:43 +01:00
LoafyLemon 042846b928 Quality Assurance and Bug fix
* Added two penis positions for grinding CG
* Fixed nickname reference during Hermione's titjob favour
2024-02-03 21:36:45 +00:00
Johnny28 40d782db77 Luna Inspect body CG posing PT2
* Posed part of the events.
2024-02-02 18:44:11 +01:00
Johnny28 6c936ce5c4 Luna Inspect body CG posing PT1
* Posed part of the events.
* Fixed missing shading on "grab_tits" image.
2024-02-01 16:41:57 +01:00
Johnny28 8598e58446 Fix
* Fixed naming "arms_touch_tits" naming in some places.
2024-02-01 11:41:25 +01:00
Johnny28 74d0c4b0d3 Quality Assurance
* Fixed touch_pussy filenames
* Added touch_pussy_inserted frame
2024-02-01 11:34:16 +01:00
LoafyLemon 53f0de2b60 Quality Assurance
* Added touch_pussy_pause frame
* Fixed arms_touch_tits layering issues
2024-01-31 23:37:18 +00:00
Johnny28 2f3e727f3e Bug fix
* Fixed mislabeled image prefix
2024-01-30 12:43:21 +01:00
LoafyLemon 394f715fb9 Bug fix
* Fixed image fit for the new scene.
2024-01-29 18:14:46 +00:00
LoafyLemon a32e5a2d94 Quality Assurance 2024-01-29 17:57:35 +00:00
LoafyLemon 4e57faac8c Quality Assurance
* Added requested changes to the image
2024-01-29 17:56:23 +00:00
Johnny28 b0b01503e7 Fix 2024-01-29 17:26:38 +01:00
Johnny28 e959bd243f Luna T4 Masturbate for me additions
* Additional writing.
2024-01-26 21:43:29 +01:00
LoafyLemon a739d97d58 Night Filter
* Added night filter for Luna's blowjob scene
2024-01-26 17:41:08 +00:00
LoafyLemon dc2cc3f72b Save Compatibility and Event Class
* Added reset method for the Event class.
* Updated save compatibility to reset the state of the modified events on update.
2024-01-26 17:25:15 +00:00
LoafyLemon adcfa2b511 Quality Assurance
* Fixed minor issues with artwork during Luna's blowjob scene.
2024-01-26 17:07:56 +00:00
Johnny28 3e45dda2bb Luna T4 Masturbate for me
* Added and posed T4 Luna masturbate writing.
* Fixed inconsistent faceblush during masturbate events.
* Removed T3 Luna "End of content" call.
2024-01-26 15:22:28 +01:00
LoafyLemon edaec46c86 Save Compatibility
* Added edge case handling for missing label, and point of no return in case of a save file update.
* Refactoring
2024-01-22 21:33:01 +00:00
LoafyLemon 9c41933179 Save Compatibility 2024-01-22 21:23:35 +00:00
LoafyLemon e7c1095176 Save Compatibility
* Partial patch to enable 1.45.X compatibility for 1.46 update.
2024-01-22 20:14:53 +00:00
LoafyLemon 3505429498 Luna Inspect CG - First implementation, Bug fixes, Version bump
* Fixed multiple default parameters inside image definition (Thanks guv! :))
* Fixed missing module import causing linting to not work correctly for certain tasks.
* Bumped game version to 1.46
* Added and implemented images for Luna Inspection events.
2024-01-22 20:06:43 +00:00
Johnny28 63a7a645dd Improved Hermione Cumslut public requests
- Split events into Tier 5 and 6 instead of sequential Tier 5 events, enabling players to explore every option in a single playthrough.
- Enhanced and added writing, making it more suitable for each tier.
- Adjusted cum locations to work better with the doll.
- Added the option to set Hermione's clothing status during the event to ensure that players can experience every available option.
- Added check so that Genie has to "finish" on Hermione's body during personal favours beforehand.
2024-01-22 14:43:41 +01:00
Johnny28 a41d61ebb7 Luna inspect body CG prep
* Prepared writing file for CG additions.
* Added Tier 4 Inspect body writing.
2024-01-18 21:36:32 +01:00
LoafyLemon 0fac4a4247 Add overlay CG default zorder 2024-01-08 15:13:20 +00:00
LoafyLemon 27cfdd122b Luna CG
* First implementation for the grinding scene
2024-01-08 15:10:37 +00:00
LoafyLemon f1ee0cbcd3 Cloud fix 2023-12-17 17:54:19 +00:00
Johnny28 a11c8ae81d Hermione nicknames
* Added Genie nickname success dialogue variants for Hermione.
* Minor fixes
2023-11-21 18:19:18 +01:00
Johnny28 f5074e7aac Hermione nicknames
* Added more writing for fail variants.
* Simplified dialogue checks.
* Adjusted levels to make some inaccessible dialogue accessible.
2023-11-18 13:52:52 +01:00
Gouvernathor 52ed1d37de Scrap some prepended newlines 2023-11-15 15:42:23 +00:00
Gouvernathor 8286be4a50 init is ignored when early is used 2023-11-15 15:42:23 +00:00
Gouvernathor a1e4f05998 Update the timeit function to use the timeit module
add the autorange function as a bonus (I like it better)

2023-11-15 15:41:24 +00:00
Gouvernathor 0d0c54058d Hasten is_integer
the commented further improvement should be done too imo, but up to you
2023-11-15 15:38:35 +00:00
Gouvernathor 19bfc010c8 Avoid creating an unnecessary list (use an iterator instead) 2023-11-15 15:38:34 +00:00
Gouvernathor 36d79b4bb2 Hasten istype 2023-11-15 15:38:34 +00:00
LoafyLemon b550040369 Bug fix
* Fixed an issue with Tonks' auror coat sleeve
2023-11-15 15:26:55 +00:00
Johnny28 bab691b985 Luna Fellatio CG posing 2023-11-14 14:43:22 +01:00
Johnny28 4d5a7fef3b Luna Fellatio CG posing and nicknames
* Event posing.
* Added nickname for Genie "Genie".
* Added unlock req for Luna "Cumslut" nickname.
2023-11-10 16:17:32 +01:00
Johnny28 682d0b424c Luna Fellatio CG posing 2023-11-08 16:49:22 +01:00
Johnny28 42353f5669 Luna Fellatio CG posing and writing
* Posed more of the event.
* Adjusted the writing to improve the flow, added some more jokes and sexual comments.
2023-11-06 15:42:25 +01:00
Johnny28 40d273bee1 Luna Fellatio CG posing 2023-11-04 16:08:04 +01:00
Johnny28 7d6f66035c Luna Fellatio CG posing 2023-11-03 14:55:12 +01:00
LoafyLemon 07ab3ffef9 Bug fix
* Fixed missing shadow for the hand during the idle state
2023-11-03 13:51:52 +00:00
Johnny28 211c52041e Luna Fellatio CG posing
* Posed more of the event.
* Added more image loops.
* Fixed some shadows on genie arm images.
2023-11-03 14:06:50 +01:00
LoafyLemon 5eb5ec63fa Luna T4 Fellatio - Additions
* Added missing arm attribute controller
* Added animation loops
* Added cum layers for Luna for Hair, Chest, Face
* Updated .gitignore
2023-11-01 17:39:28 +00:00
Johnny28 be76f33759 Luna Fellatio CG posing
* Posed part of the Luna BJ favours.
* Added sexual activity vars.
2023-11-01 16:32:38 +01:00
LoafyLemon 57c1dccb8a Luna T4 Fellatio - Pose 5/5
* Implemented fellatio poses 2-5
* Added previously misplaced images
* Initial implementation for posing
2023-10-31 15:24:44 +00:00
LoafyLemon 5286827d6e Bug fixes
* Fixed a typos in character name references
2023-10-31 11:45:05 +00:00
LoafyLemon 3ede6dba2d Luna T4 Fellatio - Pose 1/5
* Implemented idle/stroking pose
* Updated .gitignore to not include development PNG files
2023-10-30 14:51:50 +00:00
LoafyLemon c55be2cb68 Luna T4 Fellatio Events
* Initial implementation for Luna's Tier 4 fellatio events
2023-10-30 13:03:43 +00:00
LoafyLemon 13608b6cfa Bug fixes
* Fixed missing 'whore collar' unlock method call
* Fixed gallery not working correctly by extending call_replay funcionality by adding support for nested stores
2023-10-28 18:49:42 +01:00
LoafyLemon f5ef31c88b Merge branch 'current' into dev 2023-10-18 12:57:55 +01:00
Johnny28 1d6be6a490 Bugfix
* Fixed issue where Hermione's outfit would revert when picking "naked" option during sex.
2023-10-15 21:04:38 +02:00
Johnny28 fb14f83e21 Fixes and improvements
* Added tier checks to Hermione chit-chats.
* Fixed issue when picking Hermione's "Mudblood" nickname where no dialogue would play if you haven't fucked her.

* Minor writing fixes.
2023-10-11 15:43:08 +02:00
Johnny28 86bbceac91 Writing and fixes
* Added and posed Tier 4 Luna Chit-Chats.
* Added and posed Luna Gift-Chats.
* Fixed some missing colour on "flasher" outfit.
* Minor writing fixes.
2023-09-18 12:24:42 +02:00
LoafyLemon 01126edc4e Update README 2023-08-02 22:00:18 +01:00
LoafyLemon 9b5fb5c419 Merge branch 'current' into dev 2023-07-27 01:02:32 +01:00
LoafyLemon 22ce846d81 Expand matrixes support for body layers 2023-07-27 01:02:32 +01:00
LoafyLemon 34c356b29b Update whitespace 2023-07-27 01:02:32 +01:00
LoafyLemon bf8f58ee10 Luna Outfits and model improvements
* Added cumslut outfit
* Added latex outfit
* Added flasher outfit
* Improved quality of the base model
2023-07-27 01:02:32 +01:00
LoafyLemon b0ae56b247 Bug fix
* Fixed puzzle generator outputting invalid combinations due to the lack of floor division
2023-07-26 22:50:01 +01:00
LoafyLemon a343610eb3 Bug fixes
* Fixed layering issue when more than one layer contains a zorder modifier
2023-07-26 18:54:30 +01:00
LoafyLemon 4658a97b4a Bug fixes and improvements
* Improved skipping performance by delaying the call to render functions until after skipping ends
* Fixed skipping not refreshing the doll image
* Fixed skipping callback handler being affected by rollback
* Refactored doll show method
2023-07-25 17:54:34 +01:00
LoafyLemon 148d2fcac5 Bug fixes
* Fixed updater logo issues
* Fixed modpath getting 'mods' subpath appended to it recursively with each clone
2023-07-25 17:54:34 +01:00
LoafyLemon 6b8c9adb7f Bug fixes
* Fixed updater (AGAIN!!)
* Disabled the 'server not responding' hint because it doesn't really match what's happening in the server code
* Version bump
2023-07-25 17:54:34 +01:00
LoafyLemon 71c2c3fd8f Bug fix
* Fixed mods warning for compatible mods due to old var reference
2023-07-25 17:54:34 +01:00
LoafyLemon 699f68742f Bug fixes
* Fixed cardgame TypeError crash during random matches
* Fixed mistakenly excluded ExampleMod from releases
2023-07-25 17:54:33 +01:00
LoafyLemon 316aea6a5a Bug fixes and autosaves
* Added autosave toggle
* Fixed achievements being granted in replay scope
2023-07-25 17:54:33 +01:00
LoafyLemon 962cc2f695 Bug fixes
* Fixed outfit deletion tab not updating the list of items
* Fixed Tonks' public requests menu crashing due to an omitted result type
* Removed manual image rebuilding in wardrobe (superseded)
2023-07-25 17:54:33 +01:00
LoafyLemon ebc865b798 Bug fix
* Fixed stale images being displayed when threading is enabled and no image was called in a while
2023-07-25 17:54:33 +01:00
Johnny28 b41a4263ea Luna clothing.
* Added Nail polish.
* Added Piercings.
* Added Tank top with shorts outfit.
* Added Bimbo outfit.
* Updated Heart glasses artwork.
2023-07-22 15:37:48 +02:00
921 changed files with 13095 additions and 4874 deletions

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